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The Financial Resource Network Ltd. (FiRN) provides comprehensive financial services and information for multinational businesses and families. We, along with affiliates, work as "client advocates" rather than promoters of products or services.

FIRN covers all aspects of financial management, custodial relationships, investing, tax mitigation and intergenerational issues.

Local solutions for the global citizen

FiRN was founded in 1993 to address the complex international financial issues encountered by multi-national individuals, families and businesses, especially concerning international investing.

“How does one easily access reliable information to manage the finances and investments of foreign passport holders?”

Until FiRN's creation there was no independent source to get these answers. Stockbrokers and international financial salesmen of all kinds were out there to prove that their solutions were best. Lawyers and accountants rarely have the knowledge to see the big picture beyond their disciplines.

What does FiRN offer you?

International financial management, like life, is about risk and reward. We at FiRN understand that most multi-national citizens need customized financial and investment strategies that meet their legal and tax profile. When you contact a FiRN affiliate to discuss your financial needs, you will speak to someone who carefully assesses your situation in order to offer the appropriate service. Your short, medium and long-term goals remain a paramount consideration in resolving the issues.

Today, FiRN services go far beyond traditional international financial planning issues. See the FiRN services

On the client level, the Financial Resource Network (FiRN) provides comprehensive Financial Advising and Family Office Administration for medium to high net worth individuals, families, public institutions and businesses. FiRN provides a network of highly skilled professional advisors providing wealth management services for their clientele in key locations. ?

FiRN's services can start with basic budgeting and financial planning services, if necessary. However, FiRN specializes in orchestrating the administration of complex financial transactions and services. In the process of providing services to its discriminating clients, FiRN continues to research and establish ties with top financial service related providers, onshore and offshore, from around the world. Close to 100 major financial institutions involved in international investing, legal, accounting, and other services have been used in recent years by our clients to solve the various parts of each financial puzzle. At the Financial Resource Network, we are always working for the client (not the sellers of the investments and services).

FiRN, represents the client as their advocate, to get top service and results within each area involved in the financial process; including their lawyer, accountant, insurance providers, bankers, realtors and securities brokers. In the investment arena the results regularly equal or exceed rigorous benchmarks. Creating win-win situations, is proven by our clients' loyalty.

Securities related activities are under the supervision of Devonshire Warwick Capital, a British regulated financial intermediary. The Financial Resource Network was appointed a sub-advisor to Capital Markets IQ, a US based Registered Investment Advisor, in 2015. FiRN provides with CMIQ with an international dimension to its domestic services.

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The Financial Resource Network is the most comprehensive organization for international investing and financial services.

FiRN is an integrator of diverse financial services and international investing, simplifying the lives of its clients.

Individuals and corporations can choose to work through the main office , or through one of our affiliates in Europe or the Middle East.

IFA's, Lawyers, Accountants learn how you can provide the same comprehensive financial services in your city: go to the affiliation page for details. Quickly and easily become the pre-eminent financial service provider in your area, with immediate brand name recognition, at reasonable cost and time frame.

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