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FiRN's mission is to provide comprehensive financial services and information through individualized care for our clients. FiRN approved Financial Planners work for their clients, rather than for product vendors.

A Wide Range of Useful Financial Information at no cost.

Click here to enter a multi-media library of basic information, collected over many years, to help you become more knowledgeable about critical financial issues. FiRN prefers working with informed clients, so the best possible decisions will be made. Great decisions result when the client and advisor clearly understand each other. Financial decisions need to be based on at least as much knowledge as one gets from following one's favourite hobby, sports or entertainment interests!

Most financial issues are not extremely complex, once the basics are known. Your FiRN representative can show you how to apply basic principles to specific situations. The following materials and links can help you understand many common and occasionally more technical issues.

This library was created and is maintained by FiRN Israel (www.FRNIsrael.com), our affiliate based in Jerusalem.

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