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Be the Financial Services leader in your community.
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The Financial Resource Network's mission is to promote comprehensive financial services and customer care via our affiliates around the world.

FiRN helps you become a truly "Independant" Financial Advisor, by being able to choose top solutions for each client's unique needs. FiRN affiliates work and represent outstanding practitioners, providing exemplary solutions in a one-stop shop. If you are an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), a lawyer, an accountant or have similar suitable qualifications, FiRN International offers you a complete, comprehensive, and affordable package to begin or upgrade your financial services business.

Be the Financial Services leader in your community

What does FiRN offer you?


Instant Terms of Business with many of the leading offshore product providers

Portfolio construction and proposal services.

Portfolio management and support

Financial terms superior to other IFA programs, without lock-ins

Lower cost custodial systems so both the client and his advisor have higher returns and greater flexibility

Retail and wholesale promotional systems for quicker market penetration

Marketing systems that will increase the percentage of prospects that will turn into clients

Client loyalty - is much higher with FiRN clients than at traditional Financial Advisory firms, because the FiRN system creates satisfied, long-term outcomes.

A Different Approach

The FiRN system identifies and satisfies many client needs. Extensive time is often spent with the new client doing in-depth planning.

Only after careful assessment of the client's financial goals, personal situation and various legal considerations can investing and other complex issues begin. FiRN clients are not merely offered the current vogue, accompanied by glowing statistics and promises of high returns. FiRN affiliates successfully provide much more!

Provide something quite different
Offer your clients a wider array of profitable services, greater impartiality and more comprehensive solutions than offered by anyone else in your marketplace. Develop a professional service comparable to that of a legal or accounting practice, but potentially more profitable and more comprehensive. FiRN affiliates have potentially 4 sources of income from a client, as opposed to the 2 traditional ones.

A Wide Range of Services at Your Disposal
Plug into our worldwide 'knowledge bank' with global relationships, to provide clients with many different services. Please go to our services page to get an overview of the kinds of services and products available to our clients.

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The Financial Resource Network has a licencing arrangement whereby qualified Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), lawyers, accountants and others who qualify, can use as much or as little of our services and contacts as they want. If you are (or would like to explore the possibility of becoming) an IFA, FiRN is the only one-stop shop that can train you, help you develop a very successful marketing system, provide immediate credibility, and help you close more sales than you can by yourself. Along the way, FiRN can provide you with immediate terms of business to hundreds of products and services, including many that are not normally available to IFAs; to provide higher quality services, a more comprehensive financial package and generate much more income from each client. The result is increased professionalism and the ability to work less for higher returns.

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